News Updates Saturday August 18, 2018 Grand Celebration of Silver Jubilee Year Closing Ceremony 18 Aug 2018. Wednesday September 27, 2017 आदर आदिशक्तीचा जागर स्त्रीशक्तीचा !!!- स्वसंरक्षण व सायबरविषयक स्त्री जाणिवांचा वेध घेणारा उपक्रम —आयोजक अंबड पोलीस स्टेशन … स्थळ वावरे कॉलेज ,सिडको नाशिक दिनांक :२७/०९/२०१७. Tuesday August 29, 2017 28th August 2017 to 7th Sep 2017-Soft Skill Development Programme for UG Students. Friday March 24, 2017 NAAC SSR for Third Cycle is Uploaded. Friday December 30, 2016 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CHALLENGES IN ORGANIC, BIO-ORGANIC AND MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY. Monday December 12, 2016 State Level Workshop on ‘Role of Mathematics in Computers’ on 22nd and 23rd Dec 2016 organized by Department of Computer Science and Mathematics. Tuesday September 20, 2016 National Seminar on Recent Trends in Research Methodology in Social Sciences and Languages 2016-17. Monday June 20, 2016 Computer Science Admissions 2016-17 Started. Monday January 18, 2016 Students alumni assocation meeting will be held at CIDCO College on 23rd January 2016 at 11.00 AM, Please attend…. Tuesday January 05, 2016 State Level Seminar on New Trends in Tourism Environment and Geography Reasearch on 18th Jan 2016 organized by Department of Geography.

Mission & Objective

Mission & Objective

“ Bahujan Hitaya, Bahujan Sukhaya ”

For the well being and happiness of the common masses

  1. Upholding the motto of MVP Samaj, ‘Bahujan Hitaya,Bahujan Sukhaya’, meaning for the welfare and happiness of the common masses, the college is committed to provide higher education opportunities to the socially under-privileged and financially weak sections of the society and create dignity of  labour and importance of self-reliance.
  2. To bring awareness about eco-consciousness and opposing social evils courageously.
  3. To develop balanced individuals with belief in unity, solidarity and secular nature of community and nations.
  4. To empower women by providing right opportunities of higher education and make them self reliant.


To enable the students to grow individually and develop their academic, social, moral and life skills. To empower them to face the global competition and contribute to local, national and international development.


  • To offer high quality and affordable education to a broad spectrum of students of New Nashik.
  • To make teaching & learning a pleasant, collaborative & participative activity for student.
  • To provide a dynamic, creative & academic environment, to tap and nurture talent for the development of professional skills and all round personality.
  • To inculcate scientific approach and spirit of inquiry.
  • To have a clear vision of high standards and to strive to meet them.
  • To encourage individuals to be independent, imaginative and resourceful.
  • To provide value based education.
  • To create awareness about the environment through N.S.S. & other co curricular activities.
  • To create communal harmony by teaching to respect people of different faiths and religion.
  • To foster a sense of justice, self-discipline and personal responsibility.
  • To develop skills of independent learning.
  • To maintain discipline in the college campus.